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So I thought I’d try making some bunting a little while ago as a gift for a friend, so I crocheted some. Just for jokes.

I found some pictures and looked up a couple of different ways of making hearts and then kind of mashed them in together and came up with this…

(I also used these hearts as little door hangers too…)

Door Hangers with Initial

This is the pattern:

So adapt it a little as to what size you want…. This is just a guideline:

You need to make a square using single crochet:

Chain 18, then single crochet into the chains, do it back and forth until you have an equal square, so 18 lines of 18. Once you’re at the top, find the central point of the top line, this is where you’ll be crocheting into to make the rounded heart shape. You’ll need to quadruple crochet into this space. (aka, wrap the wool around the crochet hook three times, then crochet in.) (If you make a bigger heart, you’ll need to adapt the amount of times you wrap it around the hook, I made a bigger one and ended up wrapping it 5 times (no idea what that’s called, maybe i’ll name it… pentouple for fun)… it takes a bit of trial and error.)

You need to quad crochet into that space 10 times, then chain one before making a slip knot into the end chain. You then carry onto the other side in the same way.

Once you’ve got the shape, you want to border it by doing single crochet backwards (don’t know what it’s called in the crochet world) the whole way around, slip knot and finish. Make a selection of them, and then crochet them onto string, or wool, whichever. And you have bunting… Alternatively, just add a loop to the top, and you’ll have a door hanger… Either way. It worked well.

Hope these instructions made sense… feel free to ask if you don’t understand it…!

Bunting with name stitched on.

The end.


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So…. As most people in the world now know, I’ve been ill for a while… 11 and a half months, to be exact… And in this time, I’ve had a lot of boring moments where I needed a project (one that I can do, sitting down, and doesn’t take much energy… and can be picked up and put down). I thought I’d share them with you, and the secrets that go with them… so if you ever have 11 and a half months spare 😉 you can do some…!

Number 1 on the list is the MAMMOTH blanket!

So in January of this year, I decided, I’d teach myself to crochet (as you do). Really and truly, it’s the simplest thing in the world. Since I can’t really show you via this blog…. I found a really good YouTube video, that can help if you can’t be bothered to work it out. (I’ve used this guy for loads of ideas. He’s brilliant… and totally makes me laugh.) 

I decided that the first thing I’d make as a crochet whiz (ha. barely) is a blanket. I originally was going to make a single bed sized blanket, but it escalated and ended up being double bed sized. (‘Just one more row… just one more… just one more…’) It was/is Granny Square style, and honestly is dead easy, but just needs some perseverance because when you reach a certain number of squares, it starts to get irritating. I used 3 different colours and mixed up the patterns, for instance: Light Blue centre, dark blue middle, Yellow border, Yellow centre, Light Blue middle, Yellow border etc.

So this is the pattern:

Key: Chain- Ch, DC-Double Crochet, SK-Slip Knot, 

CH4, SK into first CH to make a circle.

CH4, DC 16 times in the circle (including the CH which counts as 1DC) SK to complete the circle.

CH4, DC into the next stitch, then CH1, and do the same the whole way round, a total of 16 times (Again… including the CH) then SK to finish.


That’s the centre. So if you’re changing colours, then cut the wool, and knot it, weave it through the circle, just to keep it in place. If you’re doing plain coloured ones, then just carry on without cutting! (SIMPLE!)

The middle then goes like this…

Attach the new wool anywhere on the circle you like, and CH 4, then DC 3 times into the gap (including the CH), CH1, then jump over one gap (2 CH’s, however you like to see it) and DC 3 times again, CH1, DC 3, now we want to make a corner, so instead of CH1 and jumping, we CH2, then do 3 more DC’s into the same gap which means you’ll have 6 DC’s into the same gap, CH1, then 3 DC’s into the next gap, CH1, 3DC’s, CH2, 3DC into the same gap for another corner, carry on until you get back to the beginning, where you will do 3 more DC’s into the beginning to make your final corner, CH2, then SK to finish. Then the final part to the middle is almost the same, except you’ll have one more set of 3xDC’s each time before the corners… and instead of jumping gaps, you’ll be going into every gap between a set of 3xDc’s… CH4, DC 3 times into that gap, CH1, DC 3 times into the next gap, CH1, DC 3 times into the next gap, CH1, Dc 3 times into the next gap, CH2, DC 3 times into the same gap to make your corner… carry on around until you get to the beginning again, and then as before, DC 3 times into the original gap, CH2, the

n SK to finish.

The border:

You know it’s so easy… it’s just the same as the middle, except it’s bigger, so there are more DC’s!

Attach the new wool into one of the corners, in between the two sets of 3 DC’s. CH4, 3 Dc’s into the same gap, CH1, 3DC’s into the next gap, CH1, etc etc until you reach the beginning again, 3xDC’s into the original gap, CH2, SK, Cut the wool, knot, and weave as before.

Obviously it depends how big you want it, as to how many squares you make… I found it easiest to make a wadge of centres, and then make all their middles, then make all the borders… just for organisation sake.

Some little centres all together ready to be united with their middles!








Then to put them all together, again, dead easy… Single crochet them all together. because I did plain ones for the border of the blanket, I single crocheted around them first to make the border and then crocheted in lines for the rest of it… if that makes sense?

This is the finished product:









I also made a baby blanket using the same pattern…. this is it…

I used baby soft wool… It was really nice!! And embroidered the baby’s name and DOB in the bottom right hand corner…!



So that’s that…… The end.

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