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So, a little while ago, I saw a post on Pinterest for Temporary Tattoos… I thought i’d give it a whirl… Why not?!

I LOVE the idea of getting a tattoo, but in reality, the thought of the pain i’d have to endure to get one, and the permanence of a real one… not to mention my need for perfection in things like that, if the tattoo artist made it a little wonky, or coloured outside the line… it would be stuck there FOREVER and would annoy me for that long too!

So, if you’re anything like me… having an easy homemade way of temporary tattooing is a joy…! Especially when it comes to fancy dress parties!!

I read the instructions of the post on Pinterest and adapted them a little…. Just because in my head, there were a couple of unnecessary steps… So this is my way…

Things you’ll need:

  • Eye liner, lip liner, eyebrow pencil… anything like that… I used a mixture of the three, but only because it was an experiment! But also, I don’t have a massive collection of make up, so I was limited to colour and type! –Liquid Eye liner works well, or just the regular pencil! 
  • Alcohol gel– antibacterial hand gel.
  • And spray on clear plaster.


Depending on your artistic hand, or the complexity of what you want to draw, you might want to draw it on paper first to practice. I’m a go for it girl… so never bother to practice! But it’s up to you!


Use the alcohol gel on the place you’re going to tattoo, leave it to dry properly! Then draw your design on. (I went for wrist bunting.)

Let it dry for a good few minutes so it doesn’t smudge, then spray a light layer of the plaster over it. Leave it to air for at least 5-10 minutes to let it dry properly, and YOU’RE DONE. Simple as. Lasted me 6 days! Pretty good experiment I think…!

Enjoy! And i’d definitely love to see yours if you try it! 


Day 1!

Day 1!


Day 4!

Day 4! A little faded, but still pretty good!

Happy Tattooing!




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So I thought I’d try making some bunting a little while ago as a gift for a friend, so I crocheted some. Just for jokes.

I found some pictures and looked up a couple of different ways of making hearts and then kind of mashed them in together and came up with this…

(I also used these hearts as little door hangers too…)

Door Hangers with Initial

This is the pattern:

So adapt it a little as to what size you want…. This is just a guideline:

You need to make a square using single crochet:

Chain 18, then single crochet into the chains, do it back and forth until you have an equal square, so 18 lines of 18. Once you’re at the top, find the central point of the top line, this is where you’ll be crocheting into to make the rounded heart shape. You’ll need to quadruple crochet into this space. (aka, wrap the wool around the crochet hook three times, then crochet in.) (If you make a bigger heart, you’ll need to adapt the amount of times you wrap it around the hook, I made a bigger one and ended up wrapping it 5 times (no idea what that’s called, maybe i’ll name it… pentouple for fun)… it takes a bit of trial and error.)

You need to quad crochet into that space 10 times, then chain one before making a slip knot into the end chain. You then carry onto the other side in the same way.

Once you’ve got the shape, you want to border it by doing single crochet backwards (don’t know what it’s called in the crochet world) the whole way around, slip knot and finish. Make a selection of them, and then crochet them onto string, or wool, whichever. And you have bunting… Alternatively, just add a loop to the top, and you’ll have a door hanger… Either way. It worked well.

Hope these instructions made sense… feel free to ask if you don’t understand it…!

Bunting with name stitched on.

The end.

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Isn’t it strange, it sure causes me pain,

When you just can’t sleep, I’m going insane.

The milkman has been, he’s been and gone,

I watched him as, he dropped the milk on…

The step, the doorstep, just outside,

I watched him do it, he cannot hide.

I’ve been sat in bed for hours and hours,

I’ve tried to sleep, with all of my power.

With all of my might, I’ve tried to fight,

The thoughts that have been spinning,

Throughout the night.

I’ve sat up, I’ve written,

I’ve even drunk milk,

That went down nicely, slipped down like silk.

But not even that has enabled my sleep,

I’m still wide awake and kicking my feet.

I’ll try once more to slip into slumber,

I’m not sure I can take this much longer.

Isn’t it strange, It sure causes me pain,

When you just can’t sleep, I’m going insane.

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