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Your Local Community Book Club

Well, this month we read ‘Elizabeth is Missing’ by Emma Healey. The evening started with much chatter, the eating of cake (although this took a rather slow start as no-one wanted to be ‘first’, but soon gained swift momentum) and a small round of musical chairs. Once everyone was beveraged (if this isn’t a word, it so should be) and comfortably seated, we were able to focus our attentions on the book in question.

The story follows Maud, an 82 year old women who suffers from dementia. Through her, the reader is given an insight into the day to day struggles and frustrations of a person with dementia and how they impact on the people around them. When Maud becomes concerned about the ‘disappearance’ of her best friend, Elizabeth, she begins to have flashbacks to her past, surrounding the unsolved disappearance of her sister Sukey, 70 years previously…

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The first review from Your Local Community Bookclub. And hopefully the first of MANY.

Your Local Community Book Club

This October, we’ve been reading ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’ by Robert Galbraith (aka. JK Rowling). After the last few books we’ve read, and the response to those, I was fairly confident that the majority of the group would love it- many of whom are crazy for crime (literature…!). I was shocked to find that when we met, the group was more divided than I had predicted!

Under the male pseudonym, Rowling set out to enrapture us in a world of the rich and famous, as a very lucrative supermodel (Lula) supposedly commits suicide. Cormoran Strike- an ex military man, now a failing and debt-ridden private detective, is hired by John Bristow, the brother of Lula, to prove that it was in fact murder. We follow Strike as he takes on the case and goes about collecting his evidence to, inevitably, solve the riddle! His investigative story is intertwined with the arrival…

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